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January 2024 AMRA (Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association) MAP (Motor Assurance Program) Conference .

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Mark Ferner

Bridgestone Retail Operations

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Anthony Allen Bolt

Bolt On Technology

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Bob Peltz

Jiffy Lube Corporation

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David Boyington

Advance Auto Parts

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Jim Bennett

Automotive Training Institute

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Denny Bowen

Hunter Engineering

Latest Podcast with Videos with Industry Leaders

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Jeff Cox

PRESIDENT/ COO, amra.org

Embark on a journey of automotive accountability with AMRA! Established in 1992, their the driving force behind fostering strong, trusted bonds between automotive professionals and consumers. Explore how AMRA’s standards, including the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP), guarantee peace of mind for every driver.
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Todd Rooker

America's Leading Financial Advisors

Todd Rooker, a prominent figure among America’s leading financial advisors. With over 25 years of experience, Todd has been a trusted source of expert financial coaching and guidance for individuals, businesses, and fellow financial professionals. 

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Tom Ham

Automotive Management Network

Another great interview with Tom Ham Automotive Management Network and Paul Donahue Advanced Digital Automotive Group. Automotive Management Network. He has been the owner of Auto Center in Grand Rapids, MI, for 46 years. He started the Automotive Management Network 21 years ago, and today, it is one of the largest resources for information for managing auto repair shops. 

Latest Podcast with Videos with Successful Shop Owners

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Michael Bergen

Owner, Man Cave Colorado

This episode features a riveting conversation with the Owner of Mancave Colorado and CEO of Advanced Digital Automotive Group, recounting Mancave’s impressive ascent from a startup to a thriving auto detailing shop, thanks to the power of specialized SEO. 

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Dennis Kirkpatrick

Owner, European Collision Center

Get ready to be inspired as Dennis takes us through his incredible journey, from building his business from the ground up to conquering challenges and mastering new skills. Whether you’re an auto repair shop owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, this episode is packed with wisdom that can supercharge your path to success. Hit that play button now and rev up your own journey! 

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Greg Descent

Owner, Northwest Collision

Meet Greg Descent, the proud owner of Northwest Collision, a 7-million-dollar auto body repair shop. Greg’s journey in the auto repair industry is nothing short of remarkable. Originally hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, he discovered his deep passion for automotive work during his years in California. 

Latest Workshop Webinar With Paul Donahue

Your 2024 Internet Marketing Plan Workshop

Looking to boost your auto repair business’s online presence in 2024? The shops that are growing and expanding have a clear set of goals and targets and they know their numbers!

Check out this game-changing Internet Marketing Workshop hosted by the SEO expert himself, Paul Donahue! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to set your goals and work backwards from there to find out how many new leads you need to accomplish your targets as well as the latest SEO strategies tailored specifically for auto repair shops. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.  

How to Optimize Your Website for Maximum Conversion and Lead Flow

In this webinar, I share how to Maximize Conversion (from visitor to caller) on your automotive website.Learn specific tweaks you can make to double or even triple the number of calls you’re getting from the visitors already accessing your website.

Nothing will have a bigger impact on the overall success or failure of your Internet marketing strategy than your website and its ability to convert visitors to callers at the highest level possible. Let’s face it…your website is the HUB for all of your other marketing (online and offline) leads. If it’s failing to convert, then none of your marketing will work as well as it could or should. 

The New SEO Formula For Maximum Conversion & Lead Flow For Auto Repair Shop Owners

The 2024 NEW SEO Formula for Auto Repair Companies. In this workshop, we’re going to cover how to set up your website, build authority, and get ranked for your most important keywords in your service area and much, MUCH more! I’m also going to show you how to build an SEO strategy that works to get your Auto repair Shop ranked on PAGE ONE for the most important keywords in your service area. 

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Drive your auto repair business forward with the Top Shop Podcast hosted by Paul Donahue. Tune in to get expert insights, industry trends, and business strategies to rev up your automotive business’s success. 

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